The Competition Categories

What you do now:

  • Form teams, you have until 20.15 at the latest.
  • Once team is formed, register your team name with the wordmaster you will recieve words.

Main Competition Rules (as previously posted)

  • The competition is 40 hours long (albeit much night time)
  • Any preparations and tools are allowed
  • You may go solo or team up with another fox/stallion
  • You will receive 3 words/topics and should try to include at least two of them in your game
  • There will be 6 prize categories + one category for “Best Experience”
  • The prizes in all categories are insane cheering

The six prize categories

  • most satisfying feedback
  • most beautiful moiré effect
  • most procedural
  • least controversial
  • most efficient subliminal message
  • most emo