What have you been doing the whole winter?


Another awesome No More Sweden is in the works, hopefully we can soon secure a location. The preliminary dates for this year’s event is July, 1-4th or 8-11th. If you’ve got a big problem with attending any of those weekends, comment below so that we can see how many people want to change it to some other time. The thinking behind the dates is that it’s late enough for people to actually have started their vacation but still far enough from the BIGjam in August. For general questions about the event, use this e-mail: info@nomoresweden.se

The big upgrade this year’s NMS is that we will try to focus more on learning from each other and show off our work. Everyone who is interested in giving a talk should send an e-mail to erik.svedang@gmail.com with a short description off what they’d want to do and how much time they’ll need. Hopefully this can become a great opportunity to get to know more about what everybody is up to; a kind of mini-GDC (but more fun!)

Examples of what YOU could do:

  • Show prototypes, experiments, unreleased stuff etc. Finished or unfinished, it doesn’t matter.
  • Show a finished game you’ve made and explain your thinking behind it
  • Review/show anything that you find inspiring
  • Talk about game design, art, sound, programming, whatever (maybe you have given a talk somewhere else that you can use again?)
  • Give a tutorial or “tips & trix”-session for some program that you like (Gamemaker, Unity, Flash, Photoshop, etc)
  • Rant about something that pisses you off
  • Panel discussion (suggest other panel members) about a subject matter close to your heart
  • Share an experience of being an indie game developer
  • Anything else you can come up with

So please, think of a something you would want to do and help us make this a reality!!!

Also, for those who worry: there will still be a competition (Jens is going to be in charge of that) but it’s going to take less time and be a little less serious than last year.

Hope to see you at this year’s No More Sweden!