The Games

Baad Gringos by Daniel Remar, Joel Nyström (First place)

Two-player extreme sheep herding

Muchacho Muchacho Muchacho by grapefrukt, perlingon, gerezon, music by anosou (Second place)

Music, warmth and passion

Entheogist by Kinten, Thewreck, music by anosou (Third place)

Grow stuff

PVSE by Olli Harjola (Also third place)

Knock your opponent out of his tower with tactical keyboard use.

To Conquer A Girl by Olle & Roger

A grow game….?

Irradiate by Kian

Requires an Xbox360 controller

Guru by sirGustav, music by anosou

you now know the meaning of life and it’s time to go home and get some sleep

Foie Gras by Anders Monrad, Johannes Wadin, Ivan Bostrom, Simon Nielsen, Paolo Taje

You are what you eat

Proud Herding by Marcus Kellner, Fredrik Brundin

It’s a game about herding homosexual bulls.

RunRobRun by Niklas Fredholm, Arvid Sätterkvist

2D platformer where you roll on bowling pins

Jedi Knighting Ceremony by Marko Permanto, Jacob Michelsen, Joachim Holmér, Jesper Engström, Giuseppe Lacapra, Max Sjöholm, music by anosou

Knighting Jedi with a lightsaber is dangerous business and it’s up to you as Jedi Master to carry out the procedure as painlessly as possible. Steady your shaky old hands and watch out for influences from the Dark Side!

Lactating Transport by Jens Bergensten, Erik Rönnblom, music by anosou

You gotta get those cows!

Tap Tap RTS by Tim Garbos

Colourful one button two player RTS game

Electrical Experiment by TAX

Manage energy – experimental signalling

Trading is not that usefull by Lau Korsgaard, Jakob Eklund (Board game, no download)

Card game simulating social dilemmas in global politics

Viva La Repubblica by Angelo Yazar, Ciro Continisio (iPad only, no download

The game where the boot country finally kicks some ass.

Strip ‘n’ Drink by Petri and Erik (Drinking game, no download)

You strip and drink

Barrel Facility by Hempuli, music by anosou

A facility. That has barrels.