the games

The Boson
Gavity-based ambient local deathmatch fun!

Hype Snake
Two-player co-operative one-button game

Only Downward
A game about spelunking


Butt of the Hill
Multiplayer butt-knocking arena combat!

PPS – Pixel Person Shooter
Switch from 2D action to 3D FPS in 4-player action mayhem!

Interlocking Visions
4 player cooperative puzzle game for Redgrim’s arcade machine

Bacon sunset
Horror game for an Oculus rift and Xth sense controller. You lost your suitcase under the bacon sunset and the bugs are hungry.

Jessie and Alex – Interstellar Encounters
Collaborative interstellar encounters with dark entities

A cryptic puzzle adventure about communication with sounds

OMNOMNOM Aquarium fun
Four player team-based fish-munching game for the ARCADE MACHINE

Take care of trees, and watch out for cones!

Giant feet, destructible cows!

Sinking Feeling
Dive into the underwater abyss in a race to the bottom

Swim in flying water bubble cubes

Smuggler’s End
Watch out for this Reverse Tower Defense meets Racing game!

Super Milking Galaxy

Traffic Zoom Denial
Italian traffic simulator

Barf Fight
Drink booze and barf it up on your opponent to win!

Color Color and some more Color

Super Ultimate Pirates in Extremly Radiated Spaces
Local 1 vs 1 lander/gravitar/thrust based game

Maze fight
Top-down local multiplayer mayhem in the vein of Bomberman

Moshpit Hero
Fuck this shit.