If you are an elite IRC idler and longs for another channel to lurk in, #nomoresweden at EsperNet may be the choice of your day. The channel was previously at Freenode, but EsperNet is the same network as TIGSource‘s IRC channel (#tigirc), so we moved there.

For Twitter users you can also use the #nomoresweden tag on your No More Sweden-related tweets. I know, that’s 13 letters of the treasured 140, but #nms could possibly cause confusion with other topics on the internets. And please post your Twitter accounts in the comments!

The Schedule! (with Compo Rules)


Here’s the preliminary schedule for No More Sweden 2009!

Wednesday, July 15

  • 18:00 – Warmup evening for early birds! (we’re NOT at MINC, give Martin a call to find us)

Thursday, July 16

  • 09:00 – NMS officially begins
  • 13:00 – Start collecting words for the main competition (all day)
  • 16:00 – One-hour creative mini-compo
  • 17:00 – Testing and judging
  • 18:00 – Food break
  • 19:30 – Main competition categories are revealed, teams are formed
  • 20:00 – Words are distributed, main competition begins

Friday, July 17

  • All day – Main competition
  • 18:00 – Food break

Saturday, July 18

  • 14:00 – Main competition ends, playtesting begins
  • 16:00 – Lecture
  • 16.00 – Playtesting and Food break
  • 18:00 – Main competition voting and cheering
  • Once we’re done – Quick cleanup
  • Around 21:00 – Party time at Martins place.
  • Later – We go to Debaser or any other place that strikes your fancy.

Sunday, July 19

  • Afternoon 13.00 to 15.00 – Clean thy shit up. There’s no guarantee there will be anyone here to let you in before or after these hours.
  • Sometime – NMS 2009 ends

Main Competition Rules

  • The competition is 40 hours long (albeit much night time)
  • Any preparations and tools are allowed
  • You may go solo or team up with another fox/stallion
  • You will receive 3 words/topics and should try to include at least two of them in your game
  • You may trade words with other teams
  • There will be 6 prize categories + one category for “Best Experience”
  • The prizes in all categories are insane cheering