The Games

Baad Gringos by Daniel Remar, Joel Nyström (First place)

Two-player extreme sheep herding

Muchacho Muchacho Muchacho by grapefrukt, perlingon, gerezon, music by anosou (Second place)

Music, warmth and passion

Entheogist by Kinten, Thewreck, music by anosou (Third place)

Grow stuff

PVSE by Olli Harjola (Also third place)

Knock your opponent out of his tower with tactical keyboard use.

To Conquer A Girl by Olle & Roger

A grow game….?

Irradiate by Kian

Requires an Xbox360 controller

Guru by sirGustav, music by anosou

you now know the meaning of life and it’s time to go home and get some sleep

Foie Gras by Anders Monrad, Johannes Wadin, Ivan Bostrom, Simon Nielsen, Paolo Taje

You are what you eat

Proud Herding by Marcus Kellner, Fredrik Brundin

It’s a game about herding homosexual bulls.

RunRobRun by Niklas Fredholm, Arvid Sätterkvist

2D platformer where you roll on bowling pins

Jedi Knighting Ceremony by Marko Permanto, Jacob Michelsen, Joachim Holmér, Jesper Engström, Giuseppe Lacapra, Max Sjöholm, music by anosou

Knighting Jedi with a lightsaber is dangerous business and it’s up to you as Jedi Master to carry out the procedure as painlessly as possible. Steady your shaky old hands and watch out for influences from the Dark Side!

Lactating Transport by Jens Bergensten, Erik Rönnblom, music by anosou

You gotta get those cows!

Tap Tap RTS by Tim Garbos

Colourful one button two player RTS game

Electrical Experiment by TAX

Manage energy – experimental signalling

Trading is not that usefull by Lau Korsgaard, Jakob Eklund (Board game, no download)

Card game simulating social dilemmas in global politics

Viva La Repubblica by Angelo Yazar, Ciro Continisio (iPad only, no download

The game where the boot country finally kicks some ass.

Strip ‘n’ Drink by Petri and Erik (Drinking game, no download)

You strip and drink

Barrel Facility by Hempuli, music by anosou

A facility. That has barrels.

Presentations schedule

Here is a preliminary schedule for the presentations. Please tell us if something needs to be changed or is left out.

  1. Andreas Zecher – The last 18 months (15 min)
  2. Ido Yehieli presents his game Cardinal Quest
  3. Martin Jonasson talks about hats
  4. Anders Monrad shows us his Art Generator
  5. Douglas Wilson + friends want to tell you about the Nordic Indie Allstar Game
  6. Joel Nyström showcases what Ludosity is working on
  7. Break #1
  8. Johannes Wadin on the biz, game development schools and more (20 min)
  9. Paolo Tajè talks about his Layers Design Tool
  10. Arvi Teikari talks about DIY – design and motivation
  11. Marko Permanto gives a presentation
  12. Daniel Remar – Eat rainbow and explode: Ripping off with cheer
  13. Mattias Häggström Gerdt – Anosou on game music (10 min)
  14. Break #2
  15. Douglas Wilson gives his GDC talk about Johann Sebastian Joust (25 min)
  16. Erik Svedäng presents Else { Heart.Break() }, a game about programming
  17. Miro Karjalainen shows us what he’s working on
  18. Daniel Remar gives a bonus talk about criticism, empathy and how people talk about games
  19. Christoffer Hedborg on variety and innovation in indie games
  20. Pontus, Daniel & Jens play Cobalt while we watch in awe (10 min)

attendee list

As far as I can tell this will be the biggest NMS yet. 47 attendees had signed up by the time I made this list. Should you consider yourself signed up and happen not to be in this list, contact us and we’ll fix you right up.

Name Nick Nationality
Anders Monrad Monrad DK
André Axrud
Andreas Zecher Pixelate Sweden
Angelo Yazar United States
Arvi Teikari Hempuli Finland
Bertil Hörberg
Christoffer Hedborg Sweden
Ciro Continisio Italy
Dajana Dimovska Denmark
Daniel Brynolf thewreck Sweden
Daniel Remar Ultimortal Sweden
Douglas Wilson doougle Denmark / USA
Emil Berner Sweden
Erik Svedäng Svedsoft Sweden
Erik Rönnblom pen Sweden
Fredrik Brundin Sweden
Gustav sirGustav Sweden
Ido Yehieli tametick Austria
Ivan Consabre Sweden/Montenegro
Jacob Michelsen Jickelsen Sweden
Jens Bergensten jeb_ Sweden
Jesper Engström Jeepah Sweden
Jesper Taxbøl tax Denmark
Joachim Holmér Acegikmo Sweden
Joel Nyström Sweden
Johannes Wadin
Jonas Åkerlund gerezon Sweden
Juha Kangas Therin Sweden
Kian Sweden
Lau Korsgaard Denmark
Marcus Kellner Kellroe Sweden
Marko Permanto Urre Sweden
Martin Jonasson grapefrukt Sweden
Mattias Häggström Gerdt anosou Sweden
Miro Karjalainen Karja Sweden
Olle Lundahl Hallonduell Sweden
Olli Harjola facepalmgames Finland
Oskar Kjelleryd Oz Sweden
Paolo Tajè PaoloMonkey Italy
Per Jonasson perlingon Sweden
Petri Purho gummikana Finland
Pontus Hammarberg Kinten Sweden
Roger Skogh Aglet Sweden
Simon Nielsen sbn.. Denmark
Sofia Jakobsson Waterduck Sweden
Tobias Möllstam Mölle Sweden

Photo credit: kmaraj (cc noncommercial)


Just like last year we are going to have a session where people give talks and present the things they are working on. This will almost certainly happen on Friday, the first day of the event.

To not take up to much time we are going to limit each presentation to about 5 minutes. If you have a longer talk that you’d like to give we can probably work that out too – just make sure to tell us.

Erik Svedäng is responsible for the scheduling of this session so if you’re interested in participating you should email him ASAP at  Include a fancy name for your talk and a brief description of what it’s about.

We’d like to see that as many people as possible give a presentation! Anything indie games-related goes. Here are some suggestions:

  • Abandoned projects and failed prototypes
  • Game design theory – musings, ramblings and rants on how to make great games
  • Show something you’re working on, big or small
  • Technology/programs/tricks that you think other people would like to know about
… or something completely different. Hope to hear from you soon!

It’s that time of the year again

We’re happy to announce that we’ve secured a venue for No More Sweden 2011 edition. This time around we’ll be in the beautiful city of Stockholm.

Timewise, it’s going to be in August, but we still have some options for which weekend to pick. We’d appreciate your input on when would be best for you. Please, visit our whenisgood-thingie and mark the weekends that would be good for you. Don’t just mark the weekend you prefer, but all weekends that you’d be able to make.

We’re also doing that social network thing, you can find all your fellow gamejammers on the Facebook group/page or whatever it is. And Twitter is likely the best channel for up to the minute news about what’s happening.