Announcing NMS2015

Mission Statement

NMS started with twelve guys in a basement in 2008, we’ve come a long way since then, as have games as a whole. The past years we’ve peaked at almost a hundred participants, each making all kinds of strange and wonderful things.
The event has always tried to be as inclusive as possible, mainly by staying completely free.

However, looking back at the list of participants of previous years it’s looking all too homogeneous, in many ways reflecting our industry at large. We want to be a part of a change for the better, so starting with the 2015 event we’re changing things up.

The first step is the sign up process, instead of assigning seats on a first-come first-serve basis, we will now open up for “requests” for a one week period. After that the organizers will try to distribute spots in the best possible manner.
Signing up early is still important, but it no longer guarantees you a spot.
Once the spots have been assigned you will be notified (even if you didn’t get a spot) and can start booking your trip/accommodation.

A waiting list will be kept in case the venue fills up before everyone gets a spot.

A new thing for 2015 is the possibility to sign up as a group. Pick a unique group name together with a maximum of three friends and we’ll treat you as a single entity. This means you no longer have to worry about your friends getting a spot and you being without.
Please don’t make groups bigger than four people.

The second step is our adaptation of a Safer Space Policy. It’s far too easy not to consider your fellow participants experience when you are in a place you’re comfortable in. By explicitly stating that any harassment is unacceptable, we hope to remind participants to be on their best behavior and consider everyone’s experience while at No More Sweden.

You can read the full policy here.

This year, we’re back at STPLN in Malmö. The dates are 17th to 19th of July.


Practical information can be found at the event page.