just two weeks to go

In a mere 14 days we’ll all be together in Malmö, getting geared up to make some nice video games all weekend.

Before that, there’s the preparty.  It’s going to be at Malmö Brewing co. & Taproom from 18 or so on June 8th. You don’t need a spot for the jam to come to the party, we’ve got plenty of room too, so bring a friend.

We’re going to have talks this year, and there’s still a few slots if you feel like you’ve got something to share. Talks are typically short (max 10 mins), so even smaller topics can get a chance to be heard. E-mail Erik and let him know you’re interested.

Finally, I want to remind everyone that STPLN is right next to a world class skate park. There’s also a couple of bouldering, uh, rocks? And, naturally, the ocean is just a short walk away. Bring appropriate gear!

2017 Signups Are Open

This year, we’re back to a more traditional sign up procedure. Put your information in the form. Get a spot.

UPDATE: We’re at capacity. Signups from now on will go on the standby list. 

Form is here. 

Per usual, Martin will confirm your spot manually. This might take a little while. Once we go past our max you’ll go on the standby list instead.

More information is available on the 2017 event page. 

Announcing NMS 2017

2016 was a strange year for No More Sweden. It was the first in eight without one.

2017 will not be having that problem, as we’ve nailed down a date and a place for this years edition.
We’ll be back at good old STPLN in Malmö the weekend of June 9-10-11.

The date is a little bit earlier than usual, but that’s the way it had to be. We hope you can still make it.

Signups will open at a later date, along with more information regarding schedules and such. Count on a small pre-beer on the Thursday, things starting up on Friday after lunch and then closing down on Sunday afternoon.

If you want to be notified when sign ups open, you can sign up to email announcements here, if you’ve attended in the past, your email is probably on there already. You can also follow us on the Facebooks and Twitters.

schedule for the weekend

I just posted the schedule over at the NMS 2013 page. Go check it out!

The attentive jammer also notices the International Local Multiplayer Championships planned for Saturday night. Since everyone’s been making multiplayer games lately, we figured NMS would be a great venue to challenge each other in the games we’ve made. We’ll figure out more details during the jam, but make sure to bring any zany games you’ve made and we’ll shout about them some.

If the gods of internet smile upon us, we’ll live stream the entire thing too.

Oh, and since the weathers’ looking promising, don’t forget your swimwear!