NMS 2010

Presentation schedule


18.00 Petri Purho — Extremely Exlusive Preview of a Super Secret Game

18.15 Martin Jonasson  — I don’t care about your input: Making games that play themselves

18.30 Oxeye Game Studio — Preview: Daisy Moon

18.50 Niklas Åkerblad — The Art of Kometen

19.10 Ciro Continisio — In the Academy I learned that the most important thing is: “Rotation, Rotation, Rotation”

19.35 Juha Kangas & Anders Ekermo — Painting backwards


16.00 Bernhard Schulenburg — Designing Where is my Heart?

16.10 Andreas Zecher — Talking to People – Promotion for Indies

16.30 Michael Todd — Stuff I learned about making big games, after making small games.

16.50 Erik Svedäng — What is notgames?

16.55 Mårten Brüggemann — I got my wings from the Wizkid – An ode to Gregory Janson

17.10 Mattias Ljungström — Creating Spaces of Play in Spirits

17.30 Oxeye Game Studio — Preview: Project B

17.50 Jonatan Söderström — ?

18.00 Prize ceremony for the game making competition

Dates and Venue

No More Sweden 2010 will take place July 8th to 11th 2010 in Skövde, Sweden. We will be in the business incubator Gothia Science Park with access to Internet via cables and wi-fi. There will also be a projector and speakers available.

The incubator is located at Kaplansgatan 16. Here’s a map with walking directions.

Places to Sleep

The best option right now is to book a bed at Skövde Vandrarhem, which is a hostel close to the venue.

What Is Planned?

Previous years NMS has mainly been a game jam (short-period game development) and a chance to meet other indie game devs from all around the world. This year we will still have a game jam, but more focus has been put on sharing things that people have been working on over the year.

The game jam will begin as early as possible on thursday, and run until Saturday, 12.00. Don’t worry if you can’t come in early on thursday, you can simply join the jam when you arrive. On Saturday we will make sure that everybody gets to see each other’s creations and vote for the best games in 6 different categories. These contest categories will be announced on thursday.

On friday and saturday evenings we will have presentations from people who want to show their work or discuss game theory topics, see list below.