NMS 2013

What to expect

For the 2013 edition we’ll do something we’ve never done before. We’ll be at the same venue again! This means this page will look quite a bit like the 2012 edition.

No More Sweden 2013 will be running from early Friday July 19th to afternoonish on Sunday 21st of July. Per usual there’ll be a pre-jam hang out on Thursday night.

We’ll be at STPLN (see Getting there for map/directions), a nice big place with room for about 80 jammers. Last year we took on more sign ups than we actually had room for, luckily everyone didn’t show up. This year we’ll be a bit less liberal with overbooking, so please only sign up if you really plan to attend. Should your plans change, drop Martin an email and he’ll be very happy.

Signups are full, but the form is still up if you want a standby spot.


No More Sweden tends to be a rather free form thing, but there is infact some kind of a schedule. This is our plan this time around:

Thursday (2013-07-18)
20:00 Pre-beer, Far i Hatten, Folkets park
Friday (2013-07-19)
13:00 NMS Opens
15:00 Jam starts
19:00 Barbecue
Saturday (2013-07-20)
19:00 Barbecue
21:00 International Local Multiplayer Championships
Sunday (2013-07-21)
10:00 Jam ends
11:00 Game presentations
Lunch Lunch
Afternoon Game testing

Eating. You’ll have to feed yourself, there’s a big ICA Maxi right next to the venue and a few restaurants. We’ll do a big barbecue one night if the weather allows.
Power. Please bring a power strip big enough to cover your own use and at least one more.
Internet. There’s wifi at the venue. There may be a wired router too.
Sleeping. You can sleep at the venue, but there are only six proper beds. Note that you can only sleep there during the event, so not Thursday or Sunday night.
Cooking. There’s a kitchen you can use as well as limited space in a fridge.
Swimming wear. The venue is right near the ocean, if the weather is nice, we’ll go for a swim.
Arriving on time. You are free to arrive/leave whenever you feel like, also just dropping by for a few hours is totally cool. If you just want to visit, there’s no need to sign up beforehand.

Getting there

The venue, STPLN is not far from the central train station. It’s on bus line number 3 (you can plan trips using Google maps or this). If you’re flying in, the best airport is Copenhagens Kastrup. There’s a train from there to Malmö central station, it costs about 100SEK and should take just under 20 minutes. Malmö also has an airport, it’s way smaller and 40 minute bus ride away.

Travel tips

Sadly, there are no hostels that are nearby, but there’s a few spread out in Malmö.

Please poke us if you have any further questions!