Updated Jam Info

We’ve changed the jam schedule and rules slightly:

  • We’ll begin at 16:00 today and continue until saturday 12:00
  • No jamming during the presentations friday night
  • Pick three theme words and try to use two of them in your game
  • You may trade words with other teams

These are this year’s competition categories:

  • Best Game / Experience
  • Best Cameo Appearance
  • Most Violent
  • Most Unexpected Behaviour
  • Most Interesting Use of Sound / Music
  • Most Relevant Start Settings / Options

Over 15 Presentations Scheduled for NMS 2010

Today’s your last chance to sign up for No More Sweden 2010!

Make sure you send an email to signup@nomoresweden.se if you want to come. If you by any chance still is undecided, please take note that we’ve scheduled over 15 presentations of unreleased indie games, prototypes and game theory discussions. Not to mention that we’ll be game jamming and creating even more indie game projects!


PS. If you also want to hold a presentation, please contact erik.svedang@gmail.com as soon as possible.

Bring Network Cables

Daniel Kaplan, who has organized the avenue in Skövde for us, has also been able to find four switches with 8 jacks in each. However, it’s still worth stating the obvious: remember to bring network cables! 🙂 (The longer the better.)

Jamming at NMS10


I’ve been put in charge of organizing the jam this year, so I wanted to point out that format will be almost the same as the previous two years, with only some minor modifications. Like last year, the jam will begin on day one (thursday) and end on day three (saturday) with voting and game presentations. Also like last year, each game will be evaluated in 7 different categories, and should incorporate two to three randomly selected keywords. The categories will be announced when the jam begins (one of these is “Best Experience”, as usual), and the keywords are handed in by the participants before.

The difference, however, is that in addition to receiving 3 randomly selected words, you will also be allowed to use one of your own words as a replacement. Hopefully this will limit the effect of “silly” words that people complained about last year. I still think that the word constrait is a fun excercise that creates a lot of weird and interesting game concepts.

If you feel that you rather work on a bigger and more polished game than a 40-hour jam, I strongly encourage you to send a message to Erik on erik.svedang@gmail.com and present your game for everyone!


Erik wanted more time (and less interference) with the presentations, so we’ve adjusted the jam schedule a little.

Instead of beginning thursday evening, we’ll begin thursday afternoon (around 14 or so) and run the jam until friday evening (around 18 or so). Then we’ll use saturday (from 10 to 16 or so) to playtest and vote for all games. This still leaves a fair amount of time to make a game, while allowing people to relax and listen to all presentations friday and saturday nights.

No More Sweden 2010 Update


I’ll just write a really quick update on the NMS10 status:

  • The event will take place July 8 – 11
  • We will be in Skövde, Sweden (Google Maps)

More details will follow when we have decided on the schedule etc. As Erik wrote earlier, we will focus more on sharing ideas this time around, but we will still have a game jam as usual. If you want to hold a presentation please contact Erik on erik.svedang@gmail.com.


If you know for sure that you are coming, please sign up by sending a message to signup@nomoresweden.se.Please include the following:

  • Your real name
  • Your artist name / internet nick
  • Phone number
  • Country
  • Website / information about yourself
  • When you will arrive, if you already know that

One of the reasons why we chose 8-11 instead of 1-4 was because a local hostel had a lot more spare beds that weekend. You can read more about the hostel here: http://www.skovdevandrarhem.se (in Swedish, though).

2010 is Another Year

And it’s coming for you!

Chances are that we will see another No More Sweden next summer, although time and space is far from decided yet (feel free to come with suggestions). In 2008, NMS was a gathering of a handful of people, but 2009 was a much larger happening, and we suspect that NMS 2010 will match that or even become bigger yet. This means that we have to discuss the style of the event, since the original idea is harder to keep up with so many people at the same place.

What we are aiming for, I believe, is that people should spend less time in front of their computers, and more time talking to each other or showing stuff that you have been working on off-site. Something more in the style of GAMMA, where people create games and explore ideas based on a shared topic, and put them on display at the event.

What do you think? Have a cool suggestion? Maybe you like it how it was? Speak up!

More Game Jamming Ahead

If your calendar is looking a little bit thin I would like to give you a heads-up on other game jams. In January there will be two jams:

TIGJam UK will take place in Cambridge, January 15 to 18. Space is limited.

Nordic Game Jam will take place in Copenhagen, January 28 to 31. Featuring Peter Molyneux (but we’ll have fun anyway, har har).