Hi everybody,

Since I was mentioned in the previous post I feel that I have to write some kind of answer.

What I know:

The event will happen and it’s going to be in the middle/end of July, either 16 – 19th or 23 – 26th. That’s the time when most people are able to come according to the survey. Expect definitive dates within a few weeks.

What I don’t know:

Where the event will happen. The backup plan is the basement from last year. It has a few flaws though (no internet access for example!) so if someone knows about a good place, PLEASE TELL ME!

Finally I’d like to say that it’s awesome that so many people are interested in attending, especially from other countries! Contrary to what our silly name might suggest I really would like this to be an international affair, only that it’s a bit closer to my home than IGF.

If anyone got any questions, post them in the comments or e-mail me. Finally — huge thanks to Jens for setting this up, great job!

Take care,