Presentations schedule

Here is a preliminary schedule for the presentations. Please tell us if something needs to be changed or is left out.

  1. Andreas Zecher – The last 18 months (15 min)
  2. Ido Yehieli presents his game Cardinal Quest
  3. Martin Jonasson talks about hats
  4. Anders Monrad shows us his Art Generator
  5. Douglas Wilson + friends want to tell you about the Nordic Indie Allstar Game
  6. Joel Nyström showcases what Ludosity is working on
  7. Break #1
  8. Johannes Wadin on the biz, game development schools and more (20 min)
  9. Paolo Tajè talks about his Layers Design Tool
  10. Arvi Teikari talks about DIY – design and motivation
  11. Marko Permanto gives a presentation
  12. Daniel Remar – Eat rainbow and explode: Ripping off with cheer
  13. Mattias Häggström Gerdt – Anosou on game music (10 min)
  14. Break #2
  15. Douglas Wilson gives his GDC talk about Johann Sebastian Joust (25 min)
  16. Erik Svedäng presents Else { Heart.Break() }, a game about programming
  17. Miro Karjalainen shows us what he’s working on
  18. Daniel Remar gives a bonus talk about criticism, empathy and how people talk about games
  19. Christoffer Hedborg on variety and innovation in indie games
  20. Pontus, Daniel & Jens play Cobalt while we watch in awe (10 min)