On the road again.

We’ve got a new and exciting venue lined up back in our “home” for 2009, the beautiful city of Malmö. Before we start finalizing that, we need to know which weekend would be the best. So, please check all the weekends you can attend in the form below.

It’s important that you not only check the one you prefer, we’re going to need as much info as possible here.

Form thing is here!

We’ll keep this open for a few days, but be sure to fill it out immediately. We want our international visitors to be able to book tickets as early as possible.

The exact location of the event

Ooops… it seems like we’ve forgotten to say exactly where in Skövde the event will be, sorry about that! For those who attended the first NMS — we will not be in the same place!

We’re going to hang out at the business incubator Gothia Science Park that is located next to the university (and very close to the train station).

Click here for walking directions on Google maps

The building looks like this:

Just enter through the front door and you will find us directly to the right on the bottom floor!

Call this number if you get lost: +46 (0)73 75 66 716