Teams for the main competition

  • One Trullz of Power (Ian Lundbom)
  • Team Awesome (Michael Todd, Daniel Kaplan)
  • Notch (Markus Persson)
  • Magnus Jönsson
  • Sausage Fest (Jeb, Kinten)
  • Starck
  • Hästkista (Jonas Pettersson, Henrik Flink, Daniel Starck)
  • Team Frosty Data (Data, Nicklas Frostgård)
  • Team Hideous (Hideous)
  • The Tall Man (Anders Falk och Olle Lundhall)
  • 5=£?/PWÌ (Nifflas och Yann)
  • Jonatan Söderström
  • Ex-ex-ex-perimental (Martin Jonasson, Petri Purho)
  • Decimal (Anders Ekermo)
  • Copenhagen Game Collective (Lau, Dajana, Doug ?)
  • Champagne (Richard Olsson & Erik Svedäng)
  • K.N.A. (Kian, Nils, Andreas)
  • Four Dimensons (Joel Nyström, Daniel Remar, Tommy Preger)
  • Epic Awesomeness (Gustav Jansson)
  • Jon
  • Ido
  • Gummilaget (Tommy Preger)

The Competition Categories

What you do now:

  • Form teams, you have until 20.15 at the latest.
  • Once team is formed, register your team name with the wordmaster you will recieve words.

Main Competition Rules (as previously posted)

  • The competition is 40 hours long (albeit much night time)
  • Any preparations and tools are allowed
  • You may go solo or team up with another fox/stallion
  • You will receive 3 words/topics and should try to include at least two of them in your game
  • There will be 6 prize categories + one category for “Best Experience”
  • The prizes in all categories are insane cheering

The six prize categories

  • most satisfying feedback
  • most beautiful moiré effect
  • most procedural
  • least controversial
  • most efficient subliminal message
  • most emo

We’re full!


We just got the last couple of signups in which brings the total tally up to 33 34 people. Amazing.

That means that everyone that wanted to attend so far has gotten a place, there might be a few more spots, but I can’t make any promises. If you’ve mailed and haven’t gotten a confirmation, post a comment on this entry and we’ll dig your mail out from the spam filters.

We’re putting the final touches on the schedule, expect that to be posted here within a week.