closing time

Whoa! We’ve blasted all previous records for attendees with 65 people signed up so far and the time is nearing to close the form. You have until Sunday 20/5 23:59 (UTC+1) to sign up and be guaranteed a spot (unless we fill up the venue).

And just as before, the form is here.

Stay tuned for info about presentations and other interesting things!

venue confirmed

It has been written! The 2012 edition of NMS will be held at stpln in Malmö the weekend of July 20th. Mark your calendars, book your tickets.

Should you be one of those facebook people, here’s an event you can join for up to the minute updates. A proper sign up form will be available later.

And, as always, attending no more sweden will be free (as in beer).

On the road again.

We’ve got a new and exciting venue lined up back in our “home” for 2009, the beautiful city of Malmö. Before we start finalizing that, we need to know which weekend would be the best. So, please check all the weekends you can attend in the form below.

It’s important that you not only check the one you prefer, we’re going to need as much info as possible here.

Form thing is here!

We’ll keep this open for a few days, but be sure to fill it out immediately. We want our international visitors to be able to book tickets as early as possible.