Hello everyone. I’ve been meaning to write this blog post for about a month now, but, as it turns out, it releasing two games for four separate platforms takes up quite a bit of my time. Sorry!

Either way, No More Sweden 2013 is a thing! We’ll be at the same location as last year, you can read more about this on the information page. That page will be continuously updated with more info as we get it. You can go there and sign up right now!

One of our ambitions this year is to make an effort to even out the gender balance for the event. Last year about 10% of the attendees were women, we know we can do better here and we’ll need your help to do it.

There are two parts to this plan. Firstly we need to make our event as inclusive as possible, this basically means being nice to everyone and respecting them for who they are.
We’re pretty good at this already, but there’s always room for improvement.

The second part is outreach, bring anyone you feel can make NMS a more interesting place and we’ll have a great time together!

The Games

Finally, here is a list of the games made during the jam!


By Simon Gustafsson, Olle Lundahl and Niklas Ström


By Simon Cutajar


By Coastalbyte


By Juha Kangas

No More Meat

By Petri Purho, Erik Svedäng and Anna Zajaczkowski
No download available

Super Screaming Skull Bros 2

By Mattia Traverso, Anchel Labena, K. Shonibare-Lewis

Bromancing Saga 2: Brofessional Mansassins

Game: Daniel Remar, Voices: Troy Darc, Per Jonasson


By Christian Costanza, Gustav Jansson, Jacob Michelsen, Giselle Otero. Music by David Nilsson. Controls: Arrows, Space, tab and R. As everything in life, requires Löve.


Doron Assayas Terre, Henrike Lode & Alberto Venditti

Graveyard Domination

By Hugo Bille, Edvard Rutström, Shawn White & Rune Skovbo Johansen



By Oxeye Game Studio and Erik Rönnblom


By Tommaso and Oxeye Game Studio

Scouting Scouts

By RisingPixel

No More Soccer

By Ciro Continisio

Planet Run


Sentoki’s Quest

By Tom Leonardsson


Dear game jammers,

Please enter the name of your game and team in this form before Sunday, 10:00 am and the presentations will start shortly after that.


The presentations will start at 11.00. You get 4 minutes to show your game, be efficient!


Voting form is here. Vote once, and not on your own game!

Speaker Schedule

Here’s the schedule for the presentations:

Daniel Remar – World Fell Silent
A game about empathy.

Christian Costanza – Developing Skiddy: experience in a first serious project
How behind a game, seemingly simple and clean, there is a great work of simplification. Also of the necessity to provide the user the right feedback and signals in order to make your game “intuitive” and its gameplay “natural” for the user.

How every single element, shape and colour in your game must provide a specific personal sensory impact on the player, either consciously or subconsciously to make a real impression. To explain the ways to gratificate the player to encourage him to go ahead in the game.
How to code and design merged to create the game: from the creation of levels in the XML to the level creator, passing through the graphic editor and the quality control.”

Tim Garbos – Drinking game collaboration
Showing of cool projects that we did since the last jam. And yelling.

Mattias Ljungström – The Spiral
A game made for TV

Daniel Remar – Quintuple Presentation
When one minute-long rant is not enough.

Troy MorrisseySound Design – The Last Line Of Defence
My talk will be about how sound design is usually the final stage in the development cycle and it is the last opportunity to heighten the game play experience. I would like to showcase some projects I have worked on and how I looked at getting the most out of sound design, often without ever playing the game or seeing any art assets. Promote the benefits of working with a professional and the difference between a sound effect and actual sound design.

Doron Assayas Terre – Milgrom
About Milgrom, an animated band/album/arcade project I’m part of.

Ciro ContinisioAbout Kickstarter
I’m going to tell about the whole ordeal of the campaign the strategies, and the phases I went through plus, some of the thoughts after the goal was reached

Alberto VendittiNando’s World Nando’s World sneak peek
From the inspiration to the code!

Tametik – Cardinal Quest Post Mortem
At NMS 2011 I showed my then-upcoming game Cardinal Quest. I released it 4 days after NMS 2011 closed. Now I’m going to show you the results.

Martin JonassonMy Arcade Machine

Arvi TeikariShowcasing a couple of games

Andreas Zecher – Responsive Web Design for Game Developers
“Why Responsive Web Design matters and how to implement it in your game website. Including examples, frameworks and practical tips.

Olli HarjolaOlli presents The Swapper
Olli Harjola talks about Facepalm’s current project, The Swapper, and it’s development process


pics or it didn’t happen

Here’s a few snaps I took at the venue yesterday.

This is one of the working spaces.
This is the other one, we’ll have the talks in here too.
Big beds for big guys
This is the workshop in the basement, we won’t be using it but it’s so cool I still had to put it in here.


Just like the two previous years we are going to have a session with talks and presentations before the jam starts. If you are interested in participating, send an email to erik.svedang@gmail.com with the following information:

  • Your name
  • A name of your talk
  • Estimated length (please keep it under 10 minutes unless you have a good excuse!)
  • A brief description of what the talk is going to be about

Some ideas for topics:

  • Sneak peek a of game in progress
  • Post-mortem of a finished project
  • Rants
  • Tutorials, sharing knowledge

… but something completely different works too!


Just like that the deadline for signing up has passed. We’re 58% bigger than last year with a whopping 84 people signed up to attend. 

The form will stay online open for latecomers, but we can no longer promise you a spot.