No More Sweden 2010 Update


I’ll just write a really quick update on the NMS10 status:

  • The event will take place July 8 – 11
  • We will be in Skövde, Sweden (Google Maps)

More details will follow when we have decided on the schedule etc. As Erik wrote earlier, we will focus more on sharing ideas this time around, but we will still have a game jam as usual. If you want to hold a presentation please contact Erik on


If you know for sure that you are coming, please sign up by sending a message to include the following:

  • Your real name
  • Your artist name / internet nick
  • Phone number
  • Country
  • Website / information about yourself
  • When you will arrive, if you already know that

One of the reasons why we chose 8-11 instead of 1-4 was because a local hostel had a lot more spare beds that weekend. You can read more about the hostel here: (in Swedish, though).

What have you been doing the whole winter?


Another awesome No More Sweden is in the works, hopefully we can soon secure a location. The preliminary dates for this year’s event is July, 1-4th or 8-11th. If you’ve got a big problem with attending any of those weekends, comment below so that we can see how many people want to change it to some other time. The thinking behind the dates is that it’s late enough for people to actually have started their vacation but still far enough from the BIGjam in August. For general questions about the event, use this e-mail:

The big upgrade this year’s NMS is that we will try to focus more on learning from each other and show off our work. Everyone who is interested in giving a talk should send an e-mail to with a short description off what they’d want to do and how much time they’ll need. Hopefully this can become a great opportunity to get to know more about what everybody is up to; a kind of mini-GDC (but more fun!)

Examples of what YOU could do:

  • Show prototypes, experiments, unreleased stuff etc. Finished or unfinished, it doesn’t matter.
  • Show a finished game you’ve made and explain your thinking behind it
  • Review/show anything that you find inspiring
  • Talk about game design, art, sound, programming, whatever (maybe you have given a talk somewhere else that you can use again?)
  • Give a tutorial or “tips & trix”-session for some program that you like (Gamemaker, Unity, Flash, Photoshop, etc)
  • Rant about something that pisses you off
  • Panel discussion (suggest other panel members) about a subject matter close to your heart
  • Share an experience of being an indie game developer
  • Anything else you can come up with

So please, think of a something you would want to do and help us make this a reality!!!

Also, for those who worry: there will still be a competition (Jens is going to be in charge of that) but it’s going to take less time and be a little less serious than last year.

Hope to see you at this year’s No More Sweden!

2010 is Another Year

And it’s coming for you!

Chances are that we will see another No More Sweden next summer, although time and space is far from decided yet (feel free to come with suggestions). In 2008, NMS was a gathering of a handful of people, but 2009 was a much larger happening, and we suspect that NMS 2010 will match that or even become bigger yet. This means that we have to discuss the style of the event, since the original idea is harder to keep up with so many people at the same place.

What we are aiming for, I believe, is that people should spend less time in front of their computers, and more time talking to each other or showing stuff that you have been working on off-site. Something more in the style of GAMMA, where people create games and explore ideas based on a shared topic, and put them on display at the event.

What do you think? Have a cool suggestion? Maybe you like it how it was? Speak up!

More Game Jamming Ahead

If your calendar is looking a little bit thin I would like to give you a heads-up on other game jams. In January there will be two jams:

TIGJam UK will take place in Cambridge, January 15 to 18. Space is limited.

Nordic Game Jam will take place in Copenhagen, January 28 to 31. Featuring Peter Molyneux (but we’ll have fun anyway, har har).


The Games

Here are all the games that were submitted to us in a playable form, you can get them individually below or get the entire collection in a zip (48 mb)

Cyan Magenta Sex

Bernhard Schulenburg

Jesus vs. Feminist

Champagne (Richard Olsson & Erik Svedäng)

Schizophrenic man and a woman

Daniel Starck

Mother Sucker

Ex-ex-ex-perimental (Martin Jonasson, Petri Purho)

Wave Goodbye

Gummilaget (Tommy Preger)

Magic Triangle

Team Hideous (Hideous)

Guy in the Desert

“It’s a game about the flight from the inevitable.”

Sausage Fest (Jeb, Kinten)
No download available

The Madman and a Door


Spirit Horse of the Cherokee

K.N.A. (Kian, Nils, Andreas)


Magnus Jönsson

Second Shooter

Michael Todd

Jack Guzi

Notch (Markus Persson)

sa(n)dened envy

One Trullz of Power (Ian Lundbom)
Go to site

Really Shooter + Cleaning Lady vs. The Masters of the Universe

Four Dimensons (Joel Nyström, Daniel Remar)

Becoming Collosal

Team Awesome (Michael Todd, Daniel Kaplan)


Decimal (Anders Ekermo)

The Aftermath

Thanks for an excellent couple of days. Now all that’s left is to get these games on the internet so people can play them.
We plan to publish the games on the site within a week, but as most of you have your own blogs/sites we figured you may want to put them there instead. So we won’t just put all the submissions up and be done with it.

What to do:

  • Please send us a screenshot, we *might* grab some ourselves, but your will probably be better. That’s a surefire way get you a lot of more players.
  • If you want to you can have a small text to accompany your game. Maybe your words or what you tried to communicate. Send us that too.
  • Choose a publishing option:
    • If you want to keep the game on your site, send us a link to your page about the game.
    • If you want to update your game, send us a new one.
    • If you *don’t* want us to publish, tell us!

Minor tweaks to your game a bit are also fine, but don’t overdo it, it’s supposed to be done within the time limit.

We’ll publish Sunday (2/8) so we need your stuff before then!

Send your updates to this to (note that it’s .se not .com)


Here are the winners of the No More Sweden 09 main game making competition:

Best experience

1st place — R-Type 3.141592653589793238469!

2nd place — Really Shooter + Cleaning Lady vs. Masters of the Universe

3d place — The Mad Man and the Door

Most satisfying feedback

1st place — Really Shooter + Cleaning Lady vs. Masters of the Universe

2nd place — Masters of the Universe

3d place — R-Type 3.141592653589793238469!

Most beautiful moiré effect

1st place — Jack Guzi

2nd place — Jesus vs. Feminist

3d place — R-Type 3.141592653589793238469!

Most procedural

1st place — Flatulance Dungeon

2nd place — R-Type 3.141592653589793238469!

Least controversial

1st place — Goodbye Wave

2nd place — Second Shooter

3d place — Jack Guzi

Most efficient subliminal message

1st place — R-Type 3.141592653589793238469!

2nd place (tie) — Guy in the Desert AND Really Shooter + Cleaning Lady vs. Masters of the Universe

Most emo

1st place (epic tie) — The Tall Man AND Guy in the Desert AND Schizofrenic Man and Woman

Congratulations to all winners!!!

The Games for voting

  • One Trullz of Power (Ian Lundbom)  – sa(n)dened envy
  • Team Awesome (Michael Todd, Daniel Kaplan) – Becoming Collosal
  • Michael Todd – Second Shooter
  • Notch (Markus Persson) – Jack Guzi
  • Magnus Jönsson – Chokläd
  • Sausage Fest (Jeb, Kinten) – Guy in the desert
  • Starck
  • Hästkista (Jonas Pettersson, Henrik Flink, Daniel Starck)
  • Team Frosty Data (Data, Nicklas Frostgård) – banjo kablooie
  • Team Hideous (Hideous) – Magic Triangle
  • The Tall Man (Anders Falk och Olle Lundhall) – The Tall Man
  • 5=£?/PWÌ (Nifflas och Yann) – R-Type 3.141592653589793238469!
  • Jonatan Söderström – Masters of the Universe
  • Ex-ex-ex-perimental (Martin Jonasson, Petri Purho) – Mother Sucker
  • Decimal (Anders Ekermo) – Alain
  • Copenhagen Game Collective (Lau, Dajana, Doug ?)
  • Champagne (Richard Olsson & Erik Svedäng) – Jesus vs. Feminist
  • K.N.A. (Kian, Nils, Andreas) – Spirit Horse of the Cherokee
  • Four Dimensons (Joel Nyström, Daniel Remar) – Really Shooter + Cleaning Lady vs. The Masters of the Universe
  • Epic Awesomeness (Gustav Jansson)
  • Jon – the mad man and a door
  • Ido – Flatulence Dungeon
  • Gummilaget (Tommy Preger) – Goodbye Wave
  • Bernie – C Y A N M A G E N T A S E X

The final hours.


The deadline is less than 12hrs away and it’s time to clarify how the submissions will work. I wrote this without input from my co-organizers (they’re sound asleep) so there might be some minor tweaks once we get started.

You will need to have done all of the below before 14.00

  • Send your entry zipped up and ready to play to
    Note that’s it’s .se not .com, you will get an email back to confirm we got your entry.
    If it’s over 5mb please put it online somewhere and post a link instead. USB-memory is also okay if necessary.
  • Hook your teams designated demo computer up to the projector and speakers to make sure everything’s working okay.
    The projector has a native resolution of 1024×768 but seem to take most inputs gladly.
  • Prepare a two minute playthrough of your game, there’s a whopping 22 teams, so you need to keep it short.
    If you go over 3 minutes we will stop you (we have shurikens)

The teams will show their games in the order they signed up. Assuming they have  a confirmed submission sent in.

Once the clock hits 14 we’ll start with the demos, that should take about an hour. After all the demos, set up your game running on a computer and we’ll have  a walkaround playtest. It’s a good idea to take turns with your team members to watch the computer so you can make sure your players get a proper experience.

Once the clock hits 16.00 we set up for a lecture by our friends from Denmark.

Once that’s done we vote and cheer. After that a quick cleaning session. Then we eat and party. More about that later.

Minor updates to the schedule

I’ve made some minor adjustments to the schedule:

  • There’s a thirty minute cleanup on saturday to get the worst mess out of the way before we’re hung over.
  • There’s a set time for the cleanup, the doors won’t be open since it’s a sunday so make sure you’re here during that time. If you can’t make it, tell us and we’ll arrange something.

Check it out.